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Historical records of 12 most devastating cyclones, which formed in the Bay of Bengal and made landfall on the East coast of India  

S.No Date/ Year Category of cyclone Landfall and Relevant Information
1. 7-12 October, 1737 Super Cyclone* Crossed West Bengal coast over Sunderbans
Surge height: 12 m
Loss of life: 300,000
2. 31 October, 1831 Very Severe Cyclonic Storm* Crossed Orissa coast near Balasore
Surge Height: 2-5 m
Loss and Damage: People Killed=22,000, Cattleheads lost=50,000
3. 2-5 October, 1864 Very Severe Cyclonic Storm* Cross the coast near Contai, West Bengal
Surge Height: The wave in many places rose to 9 m The Maximum height of the waves reached 12 m
At Sagar Island it was 5 m above land level. At Diamond Harbour, the wave was 3 m
Loss and Damage: People Killed=50,000 (mostly due to drowning), and 30,000 (due to diseases as a result of inundation)
4. 1-2 November, 1864 Severe Cyclonic Storm* Crossed Andhra Pradesh coast near Machili-patnam
Surge-Height: 4 m
Loss and Damage: People Killed=30,000
5. 22 September, 1885 Super Cyclone* Crossed Orissa coast at False Point,
Central pressure: 919 hPa,
Surge Height: 7 m
Loss of Life: 5000
6. 14-16 October, 1942 Severe Cyclonic Storm Crossed West Bengal coast near Contai
Surge Height: 3-5 m
Loss and Damage: People Killed=19,000,
Cattleheads killed=60,000
7. 8-11 October, 1967 Severe Cyclonic Storm Crossed Orissa coast between Puri and Paradip on the morning of 9 October and then crossed Bangladesh coast during the night of 10-11 October
Loss and Damage: People Killed=1,000, Cattleheads lost=50,000; property of few crores of rupees damaged
8. 26-30 October, 1971 Severe Cyclonic Storm Crossed Orissa coast near Paradip early morning of 30 October
Maximum Wind: 150-170 kmph (81-92 kts)
Surge height: 4-5 m, north of Chandbali
Loss and Damage: People killed=10,000; Cattleheads lost=50,000; Houses damaged=8,00,000
9. 14-20 November, 1977 Super Cyclone* Crossed Andhra coast near Nizamparnam at 1730 IST on 19 November
Maximum wind: Ongole recorded 102 kmph (55 kts); Machilipatnam recorded 120 kmph (65 kts); Gannavaram recorded 139 kmph (75 kts)
Surge Height: 5 m
Intensity: T 7.0
Maximum estimated wind speed: 260 kmph (140 kts)
Loss and Damage: People killed=10,000; Cattleheads lost=27,000; Damage to crops and other property was estimated to be around Rs. 350 crores.
10. 4-11 May, 1990 Super Cyclone* Crossed Andhra coast at about 40 km south west of Machilipatnam around 1900 IST of 9 May
Maximum wind: Machilipatnam recorded 102 kmph (55 kts); Gannavaram recorded 93 kmph (50 kts)
Surge height:4-5m
Intensity: T 6.5
Maximum estimated wind speed : 235 kmph (126 kts)
Loss and damage: People killed=967; the estimated cost of the damages to crops and properties= Rs.2,248 crore
11. 5-6 November, 1996 Very Severe Cyclonic Storm* Crossed Andhra coast near Kakinada at midnight of 6 November
Maximum wind: 200 kmph (108 kts )
Surge height:3-4 m
Loss and damage: People killed=2000;
People missing=900;crops destroyed in 3,20,000 hectares of land; house destroyed=10,000
Estimate of the loss for crops= Rs.150 crores
12. 25-31 November, 1999 Super Cyclone Crossed Orissa coast near Paradip at noon of 29 October
Maximum wind: 260 kmph (140 kts); Bhubaneshwar recorded 148 kmph (80 kts)
Surge height : 6-7m
Intensity : T 7.0
Loss and damage : People killed=8,960;
People injured = 2,142; cattleheads perished=3,70,297;
Paddy crops in 16,17,000 hectares and other crops in 33,000 hectares damaged.
* Severe Cyclonic Strom with core of hurricane winds as per earlier categorization
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