Historical records of 11 most devastating cyclones which formed in the Arabian Sea and made landfall on the West coast of India

S.No. Date/Year Type of Disturbance Landfall and Relevant Information
1. 16, May 1618 Severe Cyclonic Storm Crossed Bombay
Loss and damage: People killed=2,000
2. 30 October-2 November, 1854 Severe Cyclonic Storm Crossed Bombay coast on 1 Novenber
Loss and damage: People killed=1,000
Property worth crores of rupees perished within four hours
3. 18-23 November, 1948 Severe Cyclonic Storm Crossed coast near Virar, 72 km North of Bombay at about 0830 hrs IST on 22 November.
Maximum wind: Colaba recorded 120 kmph (65 kts) and Juhu recorded 151 Kmph (81 kts)
Loss and damage: Great havoc and heavy loss of life and property and all means of traffic and communication  were completely paralysed for two days.A number of small vessels and crafts capsized in the water of the Bombay harbour. Thousands of big trees uprooted and hundred of buildings and hutments were rendered uninhabitable
4. 23-25 May, 1961 Severe Cyclonic Storm Crossed coast near Devgad on the night of 24 to 25 May
Loss and damage: 5 lakh fruit trees were reported to have been razed to the ground.1,700 houses completely and 25,000 houses partially damaged
5. 9-13 June, 1964 Severe Cyclonic Storm Crossed coast just west of Naliya during the late forenoon on 12 June
Maximum wind: Naliya recorded 135 kmph (73 kts);Dwarka recorded 105 kmph (57 kts); Porbandar recorded 74 kmph (40 kts); Veraval recorded 83 kmph (45 kts);
Surge height: 2m at Kandla
Loss and damage: People killed=27
6. 19-24 October, 1975 Very Severe Cyclonic Storm* Crossed Saurashtra coast about 15 km to the northwest of Porbandar at 1500 hours IST of 22 October
Maximum wind: Jamnagar recorded 160-180 kmph (86-97 kts) and Porbandar recorded 110 kmph (59 kts)
Surge height: 4-6 m at Porbandar and Okha
Intensity:T 6.0
Loss and damage: People killed=85; Several thousands of houses were damaged; Many trees/ electric/telephone poles/roof tops blew; A train was also blown off its rails; loss of property was estimated to be Rs. 75 crores
7. 31 May-5 June, 1976 Severe Cyclonic Storm Crossed Saurashtra coast near Bhavnagar on 3 June
Maximum wind: Ship HAAKON magnus reported 167 kmph (90 kts)
Loss and Damage: People Killed=70; Cattleheads lost=4,500; Houses Damaged=25,000; Damage estimated to be Rs. 3 crores
8. 13-23 November, 1977 Very Severe Cyclonic Storm* Crossed between Mangalore and Honavar in the early morning of 22 November
Intensity: T 5.5
Loss and Damage: People killed=72; 8,400 houses totally and 19,000 houses partially damaged; Loss estimated to be Rs. 10 crores
9. 4-9 November, 1982 Very Severe Cyclonic Storm* Crossed Saurashtra coast, about 45 km east of Veraval on 8 November
Loss and Damage: People killed=507
Livestock perished=1.5 lakh; Thousands of houses collapsed
10. 17-20 June, 1996 Severe Cyclonic Storm Crossed south Gujarat coast between Veraval and Diu in the early morning of 19 June
Intensity: T 3.5
Maximum wind: Veraval recorded 86 kmph (46 kts) at 0430 hrs IST of 19 June
Storm surge: 5 – 6 m near Bharuch
Loss and Damage: People killed=47 Cattleheads perished=2113; no of houses damaged=29,595; loss of Property=Rs. 1805 lakhs
11. 4-10 June, 1998 Very Severe Cyclonic Storm* Crossed Gujarat coast near Porbandar between 0630 and 0730 hrs IST of 9 June
Intensity: T 5.0
Maximum Wind: Jamnagar recorded 182 kmph (98 kts) at 0730 hrs IST of 9 June
Surge Height: 2-3 m above the astronomical tide of 3.2 m;
Loss and Damage: People killed=1173; People missing=1774
Loss of property worth to be Rs. 1865.38 crore

*Severe Cyclonic Strom with core of hurricane winds as per earlier categorization