Disbursement & World Bank Appraisal


As per the Aid Accounts and Audit Division’s record an amount of Rs. 1820.59 out of 1985.69 Crore, ( In Loan currency XDR. 197.751 out of 231.40 Million.) has been disbursed by the World Bank for the claims submitted till May 2019 for Phase-I Credit No. 4772-IN. and Credit No. 5413-IN for the works public supply completed till 31-12-2018.

An amount of Rs. 829.49 Crore out of 2157.63 Crore (In Loan currency USD 120.561 out of 308.40 Million) has been disbursed by the World Bank for the claims submitted for the quarter ending June, 2020 for Phase-II Credit No. 5693-IN.

World Bank Missions Report

World Bank Implementation Support Mission Covering NCRMP “Ph-I & Additional Financing

A World Bank mission visited Odisha (August 22-25, 2016) and Andhra Pradesh (September 6-9, 2016) in order to review the implementation progress of the National Cyclone Risk Mitigation Project (NCRMP)-Phase-I and Additional Financing vis-vis the Project Development Objective(PDO) which is to reduce the vulnerability of coastal communities in Andhra Pradesh and Odisha to Cyclone and other hydro-meteorological hazards.

2. The Mission also participated in the Meeting with Chief Secretary AP at Hyderabad on 9th September,2016.

3. The World Bank found the Project progress as Moderately Satisfactory in both the States. Other major observations of the World Bank are as follows:

(a) EWDS implementation will have to be expedited in both the states so that work can be completed on time.

(b) Rate of disbursement is to pick up exponentially for ensuring timely completion of the Project.

(c) To closely monitor the quality of construction of the Multi-purpose Cyclone Shelters and to expedite formation of Shelter Management Committees with the involvement of all stakeholders.

(d)To urgently augment the staffing capacity of the PMU at NDMA in order to support NCRMP-I, Additional Financing and NCRMP-II.

(e) To ensure that all existing contracts are provided extensions for uninterrupted work progress and workers safety.

(f) States to immediately release corpus fund for the Shelter management committees

(g) To focus on Saline Embankments and restoration of mangroves work (specially in AP) as this component is lagging far behind schedule.

4. The World Bank highlighted the Projects achievements in incorporating gender considerations during design and implementation which will provide useful lessons to the States under NCRMP-II.

World Bank Implementation Support Mission (October 17-21, 2016) Covering NCRMP Ph-II

World Bank mission visited Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra & West Bengal during October 17-21, 2016. World Bank found the Project progress moderately satisfactory with following major observations:-

1. The implementation in West Bengal and Gujarat has advanced with more than 40 percent of works tendered out, while others states are still at various stages of preparing the Detailed Project Reports (DPRs).

2. With the exception of the State Prroject Implentation Unit (SPIU) of West Bengal and Gujarat that are well staffed,it is critical for all the other State PIU to complete the recruitment process of project staff as early as possible to avoid compromising project implementation.

3. All the states, with the exception of West Bengal, need to urgently tender out the works for all the sub-projects to avoid delays in implementation progress.

4. All the states except Gujarat would need to ensure that a seprate external audit is undertaken by the Accountant General (A.G) for F.Y 2015-16 by December 2016.